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Self-Cleaning Betta Aquarium

- Simply pour clean water in and dirty water comes out!

- Self-cleaning cycle takes only 60-seconds

- Fish, plant and decorations remain in aquarium during cleaning

- Cleaning system shuts itself automatically for a mess-free job

- Works because of physics: No cords, batteries or filters

- Waste water collects for easy disposal or fertilizing for plants

IllumaFlex - White LED (Plug-in)

- Captivating white LED light ring floats above the aquarium

- Flexible neck flips up for easy access to aquarium

- On / off switch conveniently located on LED ring

- Plugs into standard US electrical socket

- Attaches to aquarium or most smooth surfaces with included suction cups

- Includes stylish clear / metallic power cable and white adapter

Designer Hardware

- Personalize your aquarium with Designer Hardware

- Choose from over 10 colors and three styles

- Expertly plated by a custom jeweler in New York City

- Pair with White Vanity Ring and Silicone Tip for even more personalization

Decorative Plants
$1.99 and up

- Click add to cart to view all colors & styles!

- Weighted "no-float" base ensures plants stay put

- A perfect fit for the Self-Cleaning Betta Aquarium

- Selected for their vibrancy and beauty

- Provides shelter for your fish and a place to rest

White Vanity Ring and Silicone Tip

- Upgrade and customize the look of your Aquarium

- Pair with Designer Hardware for even more personalization

- Made from 100% food-grade silicone

Polished Stones

- Tested and approved for use by NoClean Aquariums

- Perfect size for proper functioning of self-cleaning system

- Color, size and shape will vary