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About Betta

Betta fish, also called “fighting fish” are loved for their beautiful flowing fins, vibrant colors and interactive nature. These unique qualities seem to draw in both fish fanatics and those who’ve never had fish before. Betta fish are hardy, low-maintenance and easy to care for – especially when combined with NoClean AquariumsTM Self-Cleaning Betta Fish Tank – making them the perfect starter fish and great for kids! 

Betta fish are inexpensive to aquire and maintain. They are sold at most pet stores for between $4-$17.

Supplies needed

All you need besides the aquarium are a substrate (rocks / gems), a fish, small net, water conditioner, Betta food (pellets), and a plant (live or artificial).


With fighting fish a little food goes a long way. Feed your Betta a couple pellets once or twice a day. They can go a few days without eating so don’t worry if you’re away for a long weekend or leave your fish at the office. For a treat we recommend occasionally feeding your fish live food.


Water quality is the key to your Betta’s health. Therefore, we recommend pouring fresh, conditioned water into the aquarium daily. Please see the cleaning page for more info.

Preparing the clean water

If possible, let clean water sit out for 24 before adding to the aquarium. Make sure the temperature of the water you add is about the same as the water present in the aquarium. Use water conditioner when filling the aquarium (found at any pet store, follow directions on label). Rinse out the cup before you fill the aquarium to avoid introducing toxic substances, including soap and cleansers, to your aquarium.

One Betta per aquarium

Never put two Betta fish in the same aquarium. They’re called fighting fish for a reason! However, you can put two Betta tanks together for an entertaining show. This has the added benefit of giving your fighting fish some exercise. Just be sure to separate them when you’re done watching so they don’t get over-excited and stressed.

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