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What supplies do I need?

All you need besides the aquarium are a substrate (rocks / gems), a fish, small net, water conditioner, Betta food (pellets), and a plant (live or artificial).

Can I use my own rocks?

You can use your own substrate provided that it doesn’t interfere with the aquarium waste reaching the reservoir. Substrate smaller than 3/4" should not be used. All substrate obtained through our website is tested to work with properly with your aquarium. 

Can I use live plants?

You can use live or artificial plants in the aquarium. If using live plants we recommend low-light plants. None of the LEDs we offer promote algae or plant growth. If you plan on using live plants make sure your aquarium gets indirect sunlight. Also note that the self-cleaning system is not designed to remove lots of debris from a dying / decaying plant. It will remove typical plant debris.

Can I put other types of fish besides Betta in the aquarium?

The aquarium should only be used with Betta fish. Most other types of fish require filtration and more space.

Can I house two Betta together? 

Never put two Betta fish in the same aquarium. They’re called fighting fish for a reason! However, you can put two Betta tanks together for an entertaining show. This has the added benefit of giving your fighting fish some exercise. Just be sure to separate them when you’re done watching so they don’t get over-excited and stressed.

Is a half-gallon too small for my Betta?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding aquarium size for Betta fish. Adding to the confusion is that many manufacturer’s make half-gallon Betta tanks, and most provide a lousy home. That’s why we built a better one! You see, the #1 problem with half-gallon tanks is that the small water volume pollutes quickly and becomes unsafe for fish. This happens because most people don’t clean their aquariums enough. Our system makes the cleaning quick and painless. A clean half-gallon is a much better home than an aquarium 10 times its size that’s not properly maintained. Like most things in life, it’s the water quality, not quantity that’s most important.

Betta don’t swim around a lot and don’t need much space to be happy. They like to float and hover in the water. As you see in our video and pictures, this aquarium provides plenty of room for your Betta fish to swim and play. We’ve had our fish for well over a year in a variety of half-gallon prototypes. They are awesome, beautiful, happy and healthy fish! Bottom line: Activate the self-cleaning system regularly, provide good food and some love and your fish will thrive in this aquarium just like ours are thriving!

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